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When we talked about starting a holiday business we had our ideal customer in mind - us. We wanted to offer visitors to this tiny tropical Indian State something different - the opportunity to experience 'our' Goa, the one that exists outside the hotels and resorts a life worlds away from the one they left at home - slow, harmonious, relaxed and relaxing.

Goa is the ideal choice when planning to escape part of the harsh Northern winter as between October and April there is unbroken sunshine and the temperature rarely falls below 90c. The pace of life is relaxed and the cost of living extremely low, the people friendly, charming and fun loving and where else can you spend your evenings enjoying a walk along the beach at sunset or strolling through one of the many street markets in safety?

Goans have for many years been welcoming visitors to their shores accommodating tourists mainly in hotels and guesthouses. Villa holidays were a new concept when we introduced them in 1995 for the first time. Since that time we have worked hard with local owners to bring you a selection of unique holiday homes. Our emphasis is on quality accommodation, comfortable and full of character ranging from traditional cottages to highly individual villas and apartments each with its own charm and appeal.

Please do not be fooled though, our accommodation is not the cheapest you will find in Goa. There are many houses and apartments that can be rented locally, as in any holiday destination, and most families will offer rooms for rent. We only know of the effort, by ourselves and our owners, that has been put in to achieve the standard of maintenance and comfort that you deserve and expect from the accommodation that we proudly feature on this web site.

As we live here now we have a lot of local knowledge and along with our friendly team of staff we are available to offer as much advice and information as you need. We will understand if you want to do your own thing, but if you need us we are happy to be of help.

We do hope that you find your ideal holiday home amongst our pages and that we will meet you soon here in Goa".
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